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Pass It On - Nauiyu (2018)

3:38 min  |   English   |  Nauiyu Community [ Red Dust [ Community Song

No one can remember when their was last a band in Nauiyu, let alone a recording of a Nauiyu band. Red Dust was invited to write and record a song and produce a video with the whole community. Often we are asked to run our programs in the schools, but this brief was a little different. Whilst their is no band as such, there are plenty of talented musicians and artists of all ages in Nauiyu... so there were plenty of eager participants! The song started as a jam in the St Francis Xavier with Rambo on drums, Dylan and Michael on Electric guitars and Troy on acoustic, with Jarrod, Troy, Louise and James on vocals. The song evolved over the afternoon and by the end of the day we had a verse and chorus. Over the next few days extra verses and chorus's were written with students at both St Francis and Wooliana and layers of vocals recorded with students of both schools. Finally the song was completed with some didge playing from Phil and some great percussion from the SFX grade 1 & 2's class. And Nauiyu have a band again!

Pass it on - Nauiyu Community
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