Strong, Proud & Smoke Free

Health Message: No Smoking
Location: Nauiyu/Daly River, NT
Project Date: 1st – 5th December 2014
Participants: Students of the St Francis Xavier School in Wadeye.
Client: Red Dust Role Models
Outcomes: 2 X song/video 5 X Video Vignettes

Written, Recorded and Filmed with the students of St. Francis Xavier in the community of Nauiyu, Daly River, this song sends a strong message from the young people in the community about staying strong and proud and smoke free!
No matter where you are from, to go against peer pressure requires a lot of strength.
The staff at the Daly River Clinic have been concerned with the recent rise of young people (as young as 8) taking up smoking and were keen to workshop this with the students in the community and develop a media outcome that could be used to combat this.