Colors Of My Country

Health Message: Trachoma/Keeping Your Eyes Strong.
Location: Kintore, Northern Territory
Project Date: 11th – 15th August 2014
Participants: Students of Kintore School and young Kintore musicians.
Client: Red Dust Role Models
Outcomes: music/video

Filmed in Kintore during the Red Dust program in August 2014, “Colours of My Country” focuses on maintaining strong eyes and reducing trachoma. It was written with the students of the Kintore School with help from some of the young musicians in Kintore.
It’s important to us that we make every song project sound like the commu ity it comes from. To do this we will enlist musicians from the community as asession players and in return try and record a song of their own as a gesture of thanks.

In August 2013, the we worked with young people in the Kintore School to write, record and film the music video ‘Everyday Shiny & Clean’.
Young Kintore musicians Francis, Ambrose, Travis, John and Aaron were enlisted as session players to play the instruments on the track.
On the final day we had a 2 hour window to record and film the guys playing one of their songs. With microphones hastily thrown on gear and leads tangled like a bowl of spaghetti we manged to record this gem. It’s worth mentioning that the band swapped instruments a few times before settling on the roles you see here!!
And here is the finished product … not bad hey!
Let me introduce to you the Kintore Desert Band………