Daripi Tarronga

Health Message: Scabies Prevention/Keeping Your Skin Clean.
Featuring: The Emu Sisters Band
Location: Wadeye, Northern Territory
Project Date: 16th – 21st June 2014
Participants: Students of Wadeye OLSH School, Wadeye Youth Service Team and Community members.
Client: Red Dust Role Models, Wadeye Health Clinic, Pacific Brands.
Outcomes: music/video 2 X video vignettes

Daripi Tarronga means “Healthy Skin” in Murrinh Patha and was written recorded and filmed during Red Dust’s June 2014 community program in Wadeye. The Wadeye Health Clinic was focusing on skin health for the week so the Red Dust team pitched in to help raise awareness in the community about the importance of keeping skin healthy and treating skin conditions such as scabies.
Local band The Emu Sisters were contacted through Fraser and Dave at the Wadeye Youth Centre to help write and record a song profiling the issue in the community. The Emu Sisters and their band including Fraser, Dave, Mark and David were incredibly generous and open, sharing their talents and spirit while recording the music and writing and singing the chorus with us. The very talented students from OLSH School in Wadeye did the rest, recording the rest of the singing and creating the video. Check out the amazing vocals from Eulalie and the enthusiasm of Mattress Squad. A cameo from Angelica, as well as the Clinic staff, topped off the video aimed at engaging a very serious topic with a different approach. The team shared an incredible week in Wadeye and were blown away by the people and the experiences they shared with us. Enjoy